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Sivilarkitekt Mnal Unn Stenevik

Arkitekt Farsund    Arkitekt Lyngdal    Arkitekt Lister

Civil Architecture College in Oslo- 1996.

Member Norwegian Architects' Association- MNAL.

Has worked for a number of years with the design of detached houses, cottages,

additions and fa├žade changes, as well as interior.

Approved responsible applicant and project manager.

Gabriel Lunds gate 2

4550 Farsund

[email protected]

tlf.: 95 25 66 48

Instagram: @arkitektunn

Cabin Bukkholmen, Farsund

Detached house projected for the Family Rom Havaas, Lyngdal

Report on the house in the interior magazine BO BEDRE -May 2012.

Farsund sentrum, prosjektering enebolig Smieborga, bygget 2015.